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Zeitgeist Games: Blackmoor

Published in both 3rd and 4th edition formats.

2004, 2008

Judges Guild:
The First Fantasy Campaign "Blackmoor"




38 pages, softcover, art by Gordon Davis, Craig Smith.

Printed in St. Paul Minnesota.

D&D fantasy supplement


Jan 22, 2009 at 4:32pm
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Post by blackmoor on Jan 22, 2009 at 4:32pm

"Yes I still have the rights. But the Index is far from being all inclusive since it contains none of newer OD&D products or the DRAGON. Or my own FFC or AIF. It was totally obsolete the years after it was published."

Dave Arneson
"Dark Lord of Game Design"


0D&D - "Blackmoor"


This is the supplement originally set to be the FIRST campaign world for D&D, but a marketing decision was made and was delayed to AFTER Greyhawk.

It was the campaign world and works was running in Minnesota since 1968/1969 with the MMSA.

It is also the setting that Dave played for Gary to showcase his game in Wisconsin.

Don't Give Up The Ship


Originally Dave Arneson with Mike Carr as part of their gaming in Minnesota. Long established rules, was part of the core of rules Dave used to make Blackmoor.

Gary Gygax acted as editor in both Guidon and TSR editions.

Later editions Dropped Carr's name.
Sad.... Since Carr still loves the game.





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