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Friends of Dave Arneson and links Friends are people Dave has a long time friendship or asssociation with. Links here are to their own works and sites. Companies/Orgnization/Conventions: Dragons In The Basement, coming soon

Dragons in the Basement Documentary:

A movie about setting the record straight on the history of RPGing and those who in the very early years helped form this great hobby!

---- John Kentner


TSR: formerly http://www.tsr.com
Purchased by Wizards of the Coast, which was aquired by Hasbro.


Maybe the last good con this year, although they have dates of the origin of D&D wrong. (See origin of Role-Playing for more information)

One of the formative gatherings that actually brought Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax together. Both came from different backgrounds, but shared a love of games.


A good alternative to GenCon and almost as old.


GAMA is the Game Manufacturers Association, a non-profit
international trade association of companies and individuals
involved in the design, production, distribution and sale of
strategy, roleplaying, card, board and family games.


DND Store / AKA: DriveThruRPG

A online store to buy PDF versions of classic and current games.


Publishers of 'First Fantasy' works by Dave Arneson and other gaming supplies.


Source Comics and Games,
a gaming/comic shop in Minnesota Dave often games at when he returns once in a while.


Marscon - GOH during 2001, was present at the showing of Dragons in the Basement at the convention. Although not fully edited the clips were shown in the raw.

(Dave had a lot to do with getting word out on MARSCON and CONvergence as they were forming from the ashes of Minicon.)


CONvergence - A large convention much like Marscon, celibrating SciFi and Fantasy in all its forms. Held on July 4th weekend.

(Original group working with others to get Costumes Are Not Consent. A issue with those who into dressing up as characters from favorite shows.)


Full Sail University - Where Dave Arneson taught game design.

Full Sail University offers campus and online degree programs that are designed for the world of entertainment and media. Offering associate's, bachelor's, and master's degrees, Full Sail's approach is centered on real-world industry experience.


Judges Guild

Judges Guild was started in July 1975, by Bob Bledsaw Sr. and Bill Owen. Incorporated in 1976.


Coffman Union - Host to many conventions, gaming history, and where Dave Arnson often was found gaming in the mid to late 60's.

Where much of Blackmoor formed.


CON of the North

Con of the North is Minnesota's longest-running game convention!

Con of the North is a volunteer run non-profit organization designed solely for the purpose of fostering a sense of community among gamers, promoting the hobby of gaming, and providing the gaming community with the best possible environment to present their games.


The Comeback Inn

Dave Arneson's Blackmoor | Original D&D Discussion


The Blackmoor Archives - Home of the Comeback Inn


The Piazza - Forum - Blackmoor

Harvard's Blackmoor Blog


Last Fantasy Campaign


Old or broken links:

  • Dungeons & Dragons movie page, Although it had all the good bits, editing removed some key bits. Dave Arneson none the less does appear in the movie.


  • http://www.dndmovie.com/
    A alternative to the "official" page now curently up. It was considered the official page for the longest. Had a lot more then the official page carries now. Not linked here due to the fact it seems to be down.




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