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Special thanks to many who allow us to link and submit works.

  • Martin Brown is a great interviewer who does these at his own time, it is not his day job.
  • John Kentner who tirelessly on a shoe string budget funded with help from Dave Arneson various interviews, commentary, and research into the origins of Role-playing games. Particularly D&D.
    His 'Dragons in the Basement' running 22.5 hours is proof of his tireless efforts. He is the only one with any video of many who already has passed away, including Dave Arneson.
  • Håvard Blackmoor - for his work watching what others are writing. He has noted to me many times when things are off, and then helping to get to the truth.
  • The staff of Source Comics and Games for their hosting many events, maintaining contacts, and constant resource.

Special attention needs to be applied to some key interviews and information that directly challenge the notion Chainmail had anything to do with Blackmoor.

In every interview when it has been brought up Dave always stated he did try it eventually, to deal with the combat mechanics, but after 3 tries dropped its use. We point out the game had been in existance long before these attempts. And as consumate gamer he used lots of elements of many games until he organized a set of rules taked and expanded on the ideas behind 'Ironclads' and his own naval game called 'Don't Give Up the Ship' that he wrote with Mike Carr.

Both of these games did end up in print eventually under Guidon Games, which was pretty much the precursor of TSR.

Additionally Dave had expressed some saddness in the point that Blackmoor was printed AFTER Greyhawk despite it being in use long before. Reason was that they had flushed out more information ready for print by that time. Gary was a good editor, writer, and had a eye for getting things to print.

Dave was great in charts, mechanics, and setting up games. His writing style is what is called sometimes stream of thought. Not uncommon among writers. His writing while not perfect, could use a editors eye, was still on topic.



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