Update: April 7th. 2009
Dave Arneson has passed away this last week.

You have found my Homepage!

The original BLACKMOOR campaign map, which was originally published well before Greyhawk & others.

Here is where you will find the best and most accurate information on and from the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons. Dave Arneson created this game out of many ideas that came before, so he will tell you. And yet he was the first one to actually compile the rules and bring the spark of creativity to the game.

Please look around.
There is bound to be more then just what is expected!


New photos and downloads! - 03/13/02

Dave rencently had a stroke, he is doing fine and is recovering nicely, and continues to work hard on many fronts. He recently returned to Minnesota to visit friends and family and to let us know he is doing fine.

In the Blackmoor Campaign page you will find both the original "players" map and the original game book. More coming! (Note the date inside is earlier then Greyhawk)

It is likely Dave Arneson will not be attending GenCon this year, beyond the fact it will be eventually outside of Wisconsin, the new management has dropped the ball on the events all over and management of the whole convention seens lacking. It is hoped they do not continue to forget many important things about the industry and its fans.

3rd Edition version of Blackmoor is nearing completion and hopefully Dave will let us all know some of the new surprises he has in store for us!

Congrats to Lord of the Rings 13 nominations!!!!!! Hats off to Peter Jackson!

Server Upgrades still on the way, this is not the final version!- Kevin

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