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Martin Brown is a great interviewer who does these at his own time, it is not his day job.

As we get more we will post more. And hopefully some John Kentner works as well as he starts swinging back into gear.

Secrets of Blackmoor:
A project dedicated to the gaming community in Minnesota from the 60's until Dave Arneson created Blackmoor, and then became Dungeons and Dragons. Blackmoor the first Fantasy Medieval Role-playing game! Learn the real history and how the game came to be.

DUNGEON 40 years of:
David Megarry discusses the origin of his board game as it came out of Blackmoor. Branched out of dungeon crawl in the game. Dave Arneson finally gets to play a version of the game.

How to play dungeon
Ross Maker shows how one actually plays Dungeon, a game tied to Blackmoor and later D&D.

Full Sail University:
Blackmoor Studios Dedication

Did Dungeons and Dragons come from Chainmail?

Streamed live on Jul 26, 2013

Have a look at the video response from Martin Brown at 13:10 with

video notes that people should move to 13:10 of the Rob Kuntz.
Remember just because you, "heard it before," doesn't mean you heard right.

Grognard Games:

Youtube Videos! Hit him up and thank him for his works!
Rob Kuntz: Conversations, Part 1

Martin Brown
You will have to ask them to POST again to see! https://fb.watch/hRWMogElJb/

Published February 11, 2013

13 minuted and 10 seconds Rob Kuntz says D&D did not in any way come from Chainmail.

Rob Kuntz was there that first day of gaming with Gary Gygax with Dave Arneson. And the 6th hired employee of TSR. He has been there from the begining with TSR.

Grognard Games:
Where did RPG Dice Come From?!?!

Martin Brown
You will have to ask them to POST again to see! https://fb.watch/hRWMogElJb/

Published January 2013

NOTE: Might also suggest reading Dave Arneson's article in Knight of the Dinner Table, issue 150. It is a reprint of the article in 1994. Also the Dedication issue to Dave.

Grognard Games:
Tim Kask: SOcial & Creative RPG Discussion

Martin Brown
You will have to ask them to POST again to see! https://fb.watch/hRWMogElJb/

Published September 16, 2013

Note: Some call the style of gaming what Role-playing Gaming is. Or OLD SCHOOL Gaming. It is a good discussion on how to best do a game in this webmasters opinion, and holds true to what Dave Introduced to the team when D&D was brought into being.



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