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A Classic Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Episode 76: This Time It’s War!

"...Our “Fantastic Four” take a gander at one aspect of the higher levels of play in Classic D&D, armies on the march! They discuss how to resolve mass combat in Classic (yes, there’s more than one way!), the importance of the resolution of warfare, sieges, magic against armies, and more...."

Note: One hour into the podcast it gets interesting.

Download from their site.

Reference to a Rob Kuntz saying they never used Chainmail in D&D and its creation. (Almost 1 hour in.) And discussion how the rules do not match anything in the game. Except maybe the rule for Giants throwing boulders....

Its clear some of Chainmail
was put in, but very very limited.

And its clear Don't Give Up the ship was clearly a match. I know the rules Dave Arneson kept from his write up are a match more so.


Full Sail University dedication: https://youtu.be/CB5bYAybrdU

May 18, 2012

On Saturday, October 30, Full Sail University held a ceremony, dedicating its new Game Studios to late gaming legend, Full Sail University Rules of the Game instructor and co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons series, Dave Arneson. The new studios will be named after Dave Arneson's creation, BlackMoor, the fantasy role-playing game campaign setting in Dungeons & Dragons.

Learn more at http://w.fullsail.edu/fsgameschool

The Lost Dungeon of Tonisborg : https://youtu.be/Scmw586-jSw

Oct 8, 2022 #rpg

#rpg Long ago a Dungeon was created, played and then Lost. It was recently rediscovered and turned into a 156 page deluxe hardcover. Many missed out on grabbing a copy and it is now re available via a kickstarter that is about to kick off.

I take a very cursory and quick glance and flick through a product that is full of classic maps, an updated edition of the original design, guides to old school play, a set of rules and also includes an extended play session. High quality paper, a lovely bound cover and gold foil highlights make this one stand out.

It is not a super cheap option but it definitely worth a peek. Offering a dungeon and rule set all in one place.

I managed to snag a pre order that existed before the KS and I am now hoping to play a session next year and I intend to return to this product with a proper review after I have properly tried out the rules and the dungeon itself.

Secrets of Blackmoor (a great Documentary about the pre DnD rpg campaigns) https://store.secretsofblackmoor.com/

Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...

Quotes about the author and contents of the book

Who is Greg Svenson? He was the only player to survive the very first dungeon adventure ever in Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Campaign.

What is Tonisborg? In 1973, Greg created his own mega-dungeon which later was lost for 35 years. It would come to be known as The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg. During filming for Secrets of Blackmoor, copies of the maps and room keys were discovered in the private collection of David Megarry, Author of Dungeon! board game

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A Gerti the Dragon view of the world of Blackmoor https://youtu.be/RHMJu2bGJU0
__David Megarry's Dungeon!

Mar 13, 2020

This is a Dragon's Eye view of Dave Arneson's Blackmoor world setting.

Blackmoor is the very first fantasy RPG game setting in history.

The map comes from the Judges Guild product by Dave Arneson, First Fantasy Campaign. (1977)

The animation is excerpted from the feature Documentary, SECRETS of BLACKMOOR: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/sobfinal





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