Jason Della Rocca (IGDA), Marc Mencher (VSearch),
Dave Arneson (Full Sail, and the creator of Dungeons & Dragons),
and John Romero (Monkey Stone) pose before the chapter action gets underway.


Dave Arneson from Dungeons & Dragons Movie in costume:
Dave had a rather subtle part to touch on the origin of the game.

Dave with a few new friends at a convention:

Dave Arneson at 'The Source Comics and games' with a few of his friends!
Photo taken with older digital camera.

(I could sware that is Baron Wulfgar down in the front in photo above...)

A friend infront of the Blackmoor Castle

During one of the Blackmoor games Dave is discussing
some of the finer points with a friend.

The players maps of Blackmoor:

The original Map coming soon.

See also Blackmoor Campaign page for more stuff.

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