Recent Activities:


Release of 3rd Edition Blackmoor!

Events recent past:

GEN-Con 2001

Dragons in the Basement nearing completion! Final bit of investment needed to finish editing. John Kentner is at wits ends with all the final bits, but still a trooper in being accurate in all his interviews.

Bits of the movie where shown at Marscon to many who had qeastion about it. Full interviews were viewed and seen.

Dungeons & Dragon DVD and VHS video released. Interviews and extra footage included, but is not the anticipated Director's cut.

Marscon 2001 : Attended Marscon in Minnesota. Additional activities included viewing John Kentner's Dragon's in the Basement at the convention.

Holidays 2000 release of Dungeons & Dragons movie. Dave Arneson has a cameo part in the movie.

On Location filming the Dungeons & Dragons movie!

Past events notes:

November 10, 1998


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