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Lord of the Rings - Official website. TSR now owns the rights to produce RPG Middle-Earth, but at this point has only made a pale attempt at a few boring board games. Maybe D&D will have Hobbits and Ents again.

Nominated for 13 Academy awards! Congradulations to Peter Jackson and the crew! And serveral Brittish awards (BAFTA), including best movie of the year!

The Dungeons & Dragons Movie Page - There are rumors of the Directors cut version of the movie where all the scenes in the movie that made the movie make scense will be included.

The editing of the general release of the movie was not up to standard. If one reads the book they get a better idea what is happening. (Apparently a good deal of inportant bits were cut for what ever reason {money or time} it was rather short sighted - Kev.)

The TSR home page - Past the front page you find most of their site. TSR apparently did nothing with Lord of the Rings and is now owned by Decipher.

Decipher home page - They did more with the games then TSR did. Although not seeing it anywhere in gaming country (Minnesota)

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