Origin of Role-Playing!


Dave is given co-creator status of Dungeons & Dragons and share in much that formed what we call RPGs. Many cite David with the true origin of the ideas and (written & unwritten) rules and Gary with later work and help.

One common myth is the Chainmail, by E G Gygax, was the origin of the rules for D&D. This is not the case. Dave had been playing for quite some time before then and when a new combat system was requested he looked into Chainmail, only to find it too complicated and hard to adapt for his players.

A Naval combat game was the inspiration to the rules. (Also why AC use to go down in numbers when the armor was better .... )

More below.

One good start is to understand what is Role-Playing. Best to get going with a possitive. Then the historical background begins to make sense.

Then there are other sites with this information.


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