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Zeitgeist games D20 release of Blackmoor in 2004.

The Dungeons & Dragons movie in 2000. Had a Cameo part, got to eventually show the staff and actors what Role-playing is. Went home with costume, you might say he was a actor and all he got was this 'shirt'....

1966 MMSA, in Wargaming publication on his Blackmoor gaming table. (Here they are show casing Wargaming, not Blackmoor for the magazine.)

Around 2002 Dave Arneson at the Source Comics and Games at the old Snelling location before they moved.

Also around 2002, this is a stand in, not accurate castle for Blackmoor castle. It appears when Dave Arneson started working at FullSail University a replacement was aquired and scene in the Blackmoor Studio.

More coming.
Place and credit will be filled in as soon as notes catch up. Or someone reminds me.





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