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GameSpy interview with Dave Arneson:


By Allen Rausch | Aug 19, 2004
GameSpy sits down with the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons and talks with him about the game.

Page 3 specifically says from Dave Arneson he did not create the game by Chainmail, and what he did use.

" ....Arneson: We had to change it almost after the first weekend. Combat in Chainmail is simply rolling two six-sided dice, and you either defeated the monster and killed it … or it killed you. It didn't take too long for players to get attached to their characters, and they wanted something detailed which Chainmail didn't have. The initial Chainmail rules was a matrix. That was okay for a few different kinds of units, but by the second weekend we already had 20 or 30 different monsters, and the matrix was starting to fill up the loft.

I adopted the rules I'd done earlier for a Civil War game called Ironclads that had hit points and armor class. It meant that players had a chance to live longer and do more. They didn't care that they had hit points to keep track of because they were just keeping track of little detailed records for their character and not trying to do it for an entire army. They didn't care if they could kill a monster in one blow, but they didn't want the monster to kill them in one blow. ..."

Page 5 goes on and says a good date of time:

"... Arneson: Yeah, I've still got my campaign going. We get together once a month with a group down here, and at least once a year I go back to Minnesota. We can get usually about half the people that played in the original Blackmoor games. That means I have had a campaign now that's been going for something like 38 years -- since before D&D existed! ..."

That was 2004, making it 45 years old by 2014!

Who ever edited the interview did not read what Dave said it seems, and altered the interview to have their forward saying stuff contrary to what is in the interview. Just so you know and recognize it.


Rob Kuntz has also come forward about Dave Arneson, wrote the first Biography on Dave.


We also want to remember and honor other friends who passed away in the gaming industry particularly in Minnesota. And keep in our hearts and minds those as they also age and keep making the saving throw against aging.




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